Baristas again


Here baristas were mentioned in some of the comments.

I’m reading “The Falls” by Ian Rankin at the moment, and have come across this:

‘Not often I see you smiling,’ his barista said as she made him a double latte. Those were her words: barista, latte. The first time she’d described her job, she’d pronounced it ‘barrister’ which had led a confused Rebus to ask if she was moonlighting. (page 24)

Obviously, not only is this a Scot (I think we can assume that she is) who is new to the word barista, but also one of the increasing number who are less than fully rhotic!


  1. What about “[n]ot often do I see you smiling […]” rather than “[n]ot often I see you smiling […]”?

  2. Petr,

    I reckon what the barista said is OK if you interpret it as being the sentence: ‘It’s not often that I see you smiling’, but with the ‘it’s’ deleted.

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