August 5, 2020
by Graham

Flexible truths

I’m reading “Shaw’s Music” (i.e. George Bernard Shaw’s music criticism) at the moment (three volumes, each of nearly 1000 pages), and came across a comment he made in 1891 that he could easily have written yesterday. “There is nothing that … Continue reading

February 9, 2013
by Graham

Radio 3

So Patricia Hughes has died, aged 90. She was one of the team of fairly eccentric announcers that Cormac Rigby gathered for Radio 3, and who were some of my first colleagues and ‘customers’ when I joined the BBC. Most … Continue reading

July 18, 2009
by Graham
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Moon Landing

This has nothing to do with language, but this weekend, the world commemorates the 40th aniversary of the first moon landing. In the US, it is celebrated as 20 July. This is correct (in UTC) for the landing, but I … Continue reading