The Festive Season is upon us


This sign is no doubt gracing every one of Costa’s 1755 coffee shops in the UK.

Costa coffee poster

I’ve shown this picture to quite a few of my friends and relatives, and a minority so far have spotted the reason I took it.


  1. its unbelievable that the company has this sign on all it’s stores …. 😉

  2. Aha! A baristas’ apostrophe!

  3. Of course the apostrophe is too late but I’m mystified by the Maidment spelling and the connection its comment appears to have with barristers.

  4. Jack,

    a barista /bəˈrɪstə/ is a naff term for the person who makes coffee with one of those infernally noisy machines in coffee bars.

  5. Jack,

    Or maybe you were pulling our leg’s.

  6. I think it’s fair to assume that JWL knows what a barista is, but the spelling “baristas’ apostrophe” is still a mystery. Ah well, apostrophes are always a no men’s land. ;-]

  7. Harry,

    The baristas’ apostrophe was my variation on the well-known “greengrocer’s apostrophe”. Or maybe it isn’t that well-known.

  8. John M – I’ve always thought of it as pronounced /bɑːˈrɪstÉ™/, but I’ve never heard it said. I see that John Wells (LPD) gives both.

  9. I’ve never heard “barista” with anything but FLEECE out here in the US.

  10. I patronised a Costa’s coffee shop yesterday. There was no sign of the apostrophetically challenged poster. Maybe somebody has realised the error of their way’s.

  11. The one I usually go to has’nt quite hidden it away, but it is’nt as prominent as it was two week’s ago.

  12. wha’t fun wer’e havin’ with the ol’ apostrophes’ 🙂

  13. I think the ‘best’ genuinely greengrocer’s apostrophes I’ve ever seen were at a shop selling “seedle’ss grapes” and “smokele’ss fuel”.

  14. I see that now you can buy a tee shirt with the logo of The Apostrophe Protection Society.

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