Queen’s English Society, RIP


Two years ago, I wrote a post on the Queen’s English Society as it set up an “English Academy”, and I ended my post “Who will prove the futility of the Queen’s English Society’s efforts to its members?”

We now have the answer: its own members. BBC News has just reported that fewer than twenty bothered to turn up to the AGM, and that it has been decided to wind up the Society.

There’s nothing more to be said, I think.


  1. What a loss to the nation.

  2. Oh no – now HM will have to speak estuary ….

  3. Why is it that the English only aspire to mediocrity and not excellence in their use of the English language?

  4. Why is it that some people think that “mediocrity” and “excellence” in the use of a language are concepts that mean anything at all?

  5. It’s funny how the Yorkshire Dialect Society is still going after 100 years. The Queen’s English Society lasted only 40 years.

  6. Ed – I think the difference is that the Yorkshire Dialect Society, while promoting a certain variety of English, is not denigrating every other variety either implicitly or explicitly.

  7. Martin Ball administre le coup de pied de l’âne !
    (sorry could not resist it)

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