Potteries accent


I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a long stretch of a genuine Potteries accent on Radio 4 before this – usually actors are attempting it from some other starting point, but here is the Real Thing, in a short story called “Pot Luck”. Final ‘ng’ is [Å‹g], intervocalic /t/ often becomes /r/ (for instance “not on” becomes /nÉ’rÉ’n/, /aɪ/ has a distinctly front open /a/, /ÊŒ/ and /ÊŠ/ are neutralised, and there is the ubiquitous term “duck” when addressing someone – anyone.

It’s available on the BBC iplayer for four more days:


I hope you can enjoy it.


  1. Interesting. It sounds to me like she sometimes has pre-aspiration before the “k” in “duck” and before other voiceless plosives too.

  2. Great. Thanks Graham,

  3. John – You’re welcome.

  4. CDD – And she also sometimes includes aspiration after final plosives, especially noticeable with /t/

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