Eggcorns and spell checkers


I’m not sure whether errors of spelling or grammar introduced to a text by spell checkers are eggcorns in the same way as those caused by a misunderstanding in the mind of a person, but here are two that I’ve come across lately, one of which is clearly an eggcorn, and the other is presumably introduced by an unchecked spellchecker:

From a cafe menu:

“Try our new home-made moussaka with tender lamb and succulent roasted aboriginals”

From a commercial organisation’s blog:

“There are plenty of different formats of Dashcams to fit different budgets; from simple stick and go battery operated devices, GPS trackers, to intergraded cameras.”


  1. The menu must have been written by a cannonball.

  2. John – I like it!

  3. This has been reported to me as a text message:
    “Your proxy vote has been confirmed and details sent to Mr XX. This is a one-off for Thursday 7th May 2015 only but applies to both the local and genital elections”.
    As my correspondent said, it was just as well that the last word came out correctly!

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