May 9, 2012
by Graham

What is iconic?

It seems that anything can be “iconic”. I’ve collected all of the following in just a few weeks: The turtle is an iconic species. The beauty of a traditional radio telescope is iconic. Al-Qaeda targets iconic buildings. The Roundhouse, in … Continue reading

April 24, 2012
by Graham

News Corporation

This Murdoch company is in the news again today with the most recent appearance of James Murdoch before the Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking at the News of the World. The name of the company is usually abbreviated to “News … Continue reading

April 17, 2012
by Graham

Anders Breivik

Following my post on Utøya last July, John Maidment asked me about the pronunciation of Breivik, and I gave an answer here. I’m still hearing the pronunciation with schwa from some broadcasters, including some Radio 4 newsreaders, so maybe that … Continue reading